Physical Therapy healthcare center is a quality care for our community.
Physical Therapy for all ages and specialized in
Orthopedic , Geriatric, Neck, Back, Sciatica, Shoulder pain. sport injuries ,
Pre/ Post surgical conditions ( Shoulder , hip, knee Replacements, back surgeries)
over more than 45 years of experience, Indivdulized one-o-one basis of treatment with lincesed therapist.

      :   What Is Physical Therapy All About :

 Physical therapy (PT) can help you get moving safely and effectively. Physical therapists are licensed professionals with graduate degrees and clinical experience who examine, diagnose and treat or help prevent conditions that limit the body's ability to move and function in daily life, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Physical therapy focuses on the body’s ability to engage in movement. Movement can be anything from getting in and out of chairs to climbing stairs, walking in your neighborhood, playing a sport or doing recreational activities.

What Can a Physical Therapist Do For You?

To start, an individualized plan of exercises is developed. These exercises are designed to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and balance to achieve optimal physical function. 

Physical therapist Teach you proper posture and body mechanics for common daily activities to relieve pain and improve function. 
Show you how to properly use assistive devices such as walkers and canes. 
Recommend different treatment options, such as braces and splints to support joints, shoe inserts to relieve stress on the lower extremities, and hot and cold therapy to ease joint pain and stiffness. 
Suggest modifications to your environment, such as ergonomic chairs or a cushioned mat in your kitchen, to relieve pain and improve function. 

Physical Therapy Services

Arthritic/Joints Pain , Back/Neck/Shoulder/Hand/elbow/hip/knee pain, Pre/Post surgical conditions, Sport injury Rehab, Geriatric Care, Women's Health and wellness Dry Needling

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Physical Therapy services

Do you feel more pain in upper back, lower back , and hip region because of doing work on computer and sitting longer time , doing hard work like bending , yard work , home improvement and that triggers the pain in all connected back muscles, existing pinch nerve or arthritis secondary pain due to associated problems in lower extremities. Physical Therapy treatment can help you to reduce the pain in your back problem.

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physical Therapy

Do you have pain in Neck? , neck muscles spasm while wakes up from bed? What is causes neck pain due to poor Posture, strained neck muscles, arthritis in neck, sleeping in bed with wrong pillow position. Physical therapy help to treat neck pain condition.

Treatment per condition

Myofascial Release Techniques

During myofascial release therapy, the therapist locates myofascial areas that feel stiff and fixed instead of elastic and movable under light manual pressure. These areas, though not always near what feels like the source of pain, are thought to restrict muscle and joint movements, which contributes to widespread muscle pain. The focused manual pressure and stretching used in myofascial release therapy loosen up restricted movement, leading indirectly to reduced pain.

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Welcome to physical Therapy Healthcare Center.. We accepts New Patients and most of insurances accepted. Cash paying session it depends on individual treatment Plan Physical Therapy for all ages and specialized in Orthopedic , Geriatric, Neck, Back, Sciatica, Shoulder pain


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